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Weight Loss Pills

An Aussie Mum's Guide To Eco Friendly Babies: Weight Loss Pills

Friday, July 1, 2011

Weight Loss Pills

Everyone puts on a few kg's over winter, so it's no surprise the market is glutted with new pills and potions for weight loss.  Hungry?  Take a pill!  Don't want to exercise?  Take another pill!  They can't really do any harm, can they?

Think again.  Apart from being ENTIRELY unsuitable for pregnant/breastfeeding mums, they really aren't that good for healthy people either, if taken long term.

Most of these metabolism boosters work by supercharging your adrenals.  The stronger it is, the better it works. It's ramps up your energy levels, body temp and the rate you burn fat- all well and good, for the first couple of weeks, if you can avoid the side effects (some people get the jitters, insomnia, shakes, headaches, nausea and a temper).  The issue comes after being on them for a few weeks.  Your poor little adrenal glands are being stimulated to the point of exhaustion.  They stop functioning on their own and start to crash.  You'll feel tired after the last dose wears off and the 'buzz' you first got when taking them has worn off.  You can increase the dose (most of these supplements tell you to start on a low dose and increase it later) or keep plugging away with something that no longer feels like it's working.  Or you can try a different or stronger formula.

I'm not saying these magic bullets don't have their place.  If they are used wisely, they can be great to kick start you on a new way of eating, keep you motivated or get you past a plateau that would otherwise have you giving up.  But, only use them for short periods and try healthier options first.  If you have been using stimulant based weight loss pills for a while, you can help your body to recover by taking a gentle ginseng formula to restore adrenal function, getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of water.  Keep energy levels up with good nutrient intake, focussing on B vitamins, CoQ10, Magnesium and Vitamin C.  Try a dietary detox- eliminate caffeine, sugars and processed foods for a couple of weeks and stick to fresh, unprocessed foods and lean meat.

If you look at the ingredients of most weight loss pills, they seem familiar enough- things like capsicum, bitter melon, peppers, grapefruit, caffeine and cinnamon all feature on the labels.  If you include or increase these foods in your diet they can help pick up a sluggish metabolism, warm you up from the inside (great in winter) and have other benefits, like being really high in antioxidants and other nutrients. Cinnamon will also help to balance blood sugars and stop cravings.  You can do this every day, and suffer no ill effects (though go easy on the caffeine!).  Combining these foods with a healthy eating plan and some exercise can make a huge difference to your waistline, but also to your energy levels, digestive system and overall health.  Don't forget, your metabolism is higher if you are a little cold!

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