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Nappy Rash (or A Pain in the Baby's Bum)

An Aussie Mum's Guide To Eco Friendly Babies: Nappy Rash (or A Pain in the Baby's Bum)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Nappy Rash (or A Pain in the Baby's Bum)

The little man is finally teething and among the long nights, grizzly morning, copious snot and revolting nappies, he developed the WORST case of nappy rash I have ever seen! It appeared overnight and with a bit of TLC it disappeared pretty quickly too, but I have new sympathy for bubba's with a nappy rash, and the mums trying to combat this pervasive problem.

The first thing you can do is swap to cloth nappies if you are not already using them.  Back in the day it was the other way around- the old cotton towelling nappies held moisture close to the skin while the more absorbant disposable sucked it away, keeping the area drier.  Now the multiple layers of Modern Cloth Nappies act more effectively (and are so much more absorbent), while the multitude of chemicals in disposable nappies can severely irritate sensitive skin.  If cloth is not an option, there are brands of chemical free Eenee compostables and Bamboo Nature nappies are disposable, chemical free alternatives.  Where possible, adopt a nudist lifestyle for bub to air out the nether regions!

Other nasty chemicals lurk in baby wipes, bath products, lotions and washing powder, so make those as natural as you can.  You can replace wipes with a spray bottle containing just water (or steep some chamomile tea and use cold for it's soothing properties, or lavender tea for antiseptic healing) and cotton or bamboo cloths, or use organic cotton balls or tissues for a squeaky clean, irritant free behind.

I personally love the Akin Bottom Balm.  It has natural ingredients with Zinc to provide a soothing barrier to stop nasty acids eating away the skin.  Paw Paw Salve (get the yellow label one, or the Natural Alternative brand- stay away from petrochemical based products) will also protect but is better for use as a preventative.  To treat bad rash, Botani Phytoseptic is a TGA registered anti-fungal based on an olive extract- in severe nappy rash there is usually a fungal infection present and this will get on top of it quickly.  Fusion Dermaheal contains Golden Seal which kills a broad range of bugs.  It will heal and protect the area while treating or preventing any infection.

Talcum powder has long gone out of fashion for babies- it can do serious damage to the lungs if inhaled.  Cornstarch powder is a great alternative to keep the area dry, but it has to be applied frequently.

Internally, supplementing with a quality probiotic will help to balance intestinal flora, helping the body to fight yeast or fungal infections from the inside and regulating digestion to prevent overacidity.  Avoid acidic citrus juices and tomato, and go easy on spicy foods for kids who are on solids.


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