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Colic Cures

An Aussie Mum's Guide To Eco Friendly Babies: Colic Cures

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Colic Cures

'Colic' is a heart wrenching yet common condition defined by long periods of screaming (3 hours or more) on a regular basis, with no apparent cause.  Theories range from tummy pain to anxiety (it's a big change going from womb to world) and everyone has their own 'magic cure'.  Her are a couple of natural remedies that may help:

Probiotics: Infant probiotics help baby's gut flora, enhancing digestions and hopefully alleviating tummy pain.  Very important for c-section babies as some of these good bacteria are picked up while passing through the birth canal.  See a naturopath for one specific for infants.  

Digestive Tonics: Fusion Digestion, taken by the mother, can pass through breastmilk to help alleviate wind and griping pain.

Calmatives: Fusion Stress and Anxiety (taken by Mum) or Bush Flowers Emergency Essence, Brauer Calm,  or Bach Rescue Remedy given to baby can help anxiety, fear, restlessness and insomnia that causes colic in some babies.  Check with a naturopath for other herbs or formulas that can be taken by Mum to relax and calm the baby (and help Mum to cope too!)

Blackmores Celloids: Prescribed by a naturopath, these can work on digestion, muscle relaxation and other possible causes of distress in babies.

Reiki Practitioners, Chiropractors and Baby Massage can also be successful in treating colic in babies.

There is a wealth of online advice on managing colic- don't let baby get overtired, use slings or cuddles to maintain closeness, use bedtime routines and baby massage to relax baby during the 'witching hour' and try a warm bath.  We found that without fail, a warm shower did the trick- Bub never cried in the shower, and if we could get him dry, dressed and in bed quickly enough that was the end of his hysterical crying.  Unfortunately (due to water wastage issues) this wasn't always a viable option, though it did gives us a break when desperate!


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