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Very Veggie

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Very Veggie

Produce prices have been hit by the recent disasters, but there are things you can do to ensure your family has a healthy meal on the table without breaking the bank. Here's an article with some tips from the Courier Mail:
Big fruit and vegetable buying guide | Courier Mail

You can also shop at local markets- because many of these feature local growers you are cutting down on carbon emissions, ensuring your fruit and veg is super fresh and supporting local growers. Try to buy what's in season and don't just stick to a rigid list- try new fruit and veg to save money and spice up your dinner!

Have you thought about a veggie garden? If you find the concept a bit daunting, start with one or two veggies that you use a lot, like tomato and lettuce. Both can be grown in pots so are great for small yards or balconies. Growing your own food is a great activity for kids- not only is it fun, it teaches them that food doesn't originate in the supermarket, and tending for the plants give them a taste of responsibility. The satisfaction they feel when finally able to pick a tomato or run out and get some lettuce leaves for a sandwich is unsurpassable and may even encourage picky eaters to try some new foods!

Here are some links to help grow your won Fruit and Veg:
Better Homes and Gardens- Kitchen Garden video


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