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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blog of Interest

KORA Organics Blog | KORA Organics Blog by Miranda Kerr

KORA Organics is an organic skin care range made by the gorgeous Miranda Kerr. The blog on the website isn't just a 'buy me' spiel, it's a great read about all aspects of health and nutrition, and the greener side of life. Have a Look!

I have to say I was stunned to hear about the controversy generated by 'that' picture (for those who missed it, it was a discreet pic of Miranda in bed breastfeeding baby Flynn, taken by Orlando at their home). For a country that has just passed laws guarding the rights of breastfeeding mums, and considering this picture didn't actually show anything 'rude', I couldn't believe it ever rated a comment other than how beautiful, happy and relaxed she looks.

I did a quick Google search and the only article I came across that really mention the nasty or insensitive comments made was the UK Mirror website. Perhaps the 'scandal' was just a bit inflated so the media could all denounce it and advertise how pro-breastfeeding they are... either way I'm glad this photo made the headlines it did, it's a great advertisement for breastfeeding!


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